XR-003 Sapper

The XR-003 Sapper from RFOM

The XR-003 Sapper is a mine launcher and can be easily used to set-up complex proximity traps for the Chimeran Armies. Each mine launched is encased in a living cell and can be easily detonated by aiming towards them and pressing L1. By setting one of these off, others close enough in range will also detonate which can cause a massive chain reaction.

For larger enemies, one mine will do practically nothing but for smaller ones and/or groups of Leapers a small chain of mines will do some heavy damage.

To detonate all mines simultaneously, press and hold the L1 trigger.

All Resistance Weapons
Air-Fuel Grenade, Arc Charger, Auger, Backlash Grenade, Bullseye, Frag Grenade, Grenades, Hedgehog Grenade, L11-2 Dragon, L209 LAARK, L23 Fareye, M5A2 Carbine, Reapers, Rossmore 236, Splitter, XR-003 Sapper, XR-005 Hailstorm, L206 LAARK
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