The Steelheads are a more advanced strain of Chimeran Hybrids that are found at the front of any war effort including Hybrids and Hardfangs. Their armor allows them to tolerate heavy fire and their perserverance leads them to continue any assault, no matter what, as long as the Chimera move forward with their invasions.

The Steelheads use the Auger which allows them to attack from "unsuspecting" areas by coming through walls in large groups.

When facing Steelheads, make sure to keep moving as they can destroy your cover with the Auger. To retaliate, use weapons such as the Bullseye or M5A2 Carbine.

All Resistance Enemies
Advanced Hybrids, Angels, Carriers, Cloven, Cocoons, Crawlers, Daedalus, Greyjacks, Hardfangs, Howlers, Hybrids, Leaper Pods, Leapers, Leonine Howlers, Menials, Rollers, Slipskulls, Steelheads, Titans, Widowmakers
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