Rollers are the matured version of the Leapers. These often attack in swarms and are named based on their trundling (revolving) movement. Due to their age, their insides have started to decompose which gives off a corrosive spray which is often manipulated to be an opening attack. This spray can stun the enemies by blinding them which allows the Rollers to swiftly take out large groups with continued assault from teeth and claws.

All Resistance Enemies
Advanced Hybrids, Angels, Carriers, Cloven, Cocoons, Crawlers, Daedalus, Greyjacks, Hardfangs, Howlers, Hybrids, Leaper Pods, Leapers, Leonine Howlers, Menials, Rollers, Slipskulls, Steelheads, Titans, Widowmakers
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