Resistance 2

Resistance 2
Game2cover.jpgNorth American Box Art
Alternative TitlesR2
Developer(s)Insomniac Games
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Native resolution720p
Release date[Japan] 13 November 2008
[North America] 4 November 2008
[Europe] 28 November 2008
[Australia] 27 November 2008
Genre(s)First Person Shooter
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Players[Online] 1-8 Cooperative
[Online] 1-60 Competetive
[Offline] 1-8 Coop & Competitive
Rating(s)[North America] M (Mature)
[Europe] 18+
Resistance 2 is the sequel to the highly successful Playstation 3 game Resistance: Fall of Man. This is Insomniac Games third exclusive game for the Playstation 3.

Players resume control over Sgt. Nathan Hale as he continues his fight against the Chimera. Nathan Hale heads back to the United States where the Chimera have launched a deadly invasion on the continent. This time, Hale is commanding the Sentinels, a group of genetically engineered soldiers who carry the Chimeran Virus.

[edit] Story

The following portions may contain heavy spoilers

Resistance 2 picks up directly after the events of Resistance: Fall of Man. Nathan, after having destroyed the Chimeran Towers in London is left stranded, and alone in a forest. A VTOL arrives dropping several Black-Op Soldiers who sedate Nathan, and take him along with them back to a Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) station in Iceland.

Several years pass and you wake up one morning to see Professor Malikov, the mastermind behind Project Abraham and the Sentinels, as you find out that the Chimera have launched an attack on the facility. Hale fights off the Chimeran attack and meets with Major Richard Blake. The two of them make their way to Daedalus, the leader of the Chimera who has been held at the prison at the SRPA facility. However, Daedalus manages to free himself and the two are unable to stop him.

Hale and Blake save Professor Malikov and try to escape. This is when Nathan first meets the Sentinels, a group of soldiers that are infected by the Chimeran virus.

Hale and the rest of the survivors head back to the United States as the Chimera launch a full invasion. Hale is promoted to Lieutenant and is put in command of Echo Squad, which consists of three other Sentinels (Warner, Cappelli, and Hawthorne). Hale and the rest of Echo Team are making their way through Orick, California when they are ambushed by a Chimeran squad. Hale and Echo Squad make their way through the Chimeran forces in Orick. Hale notices a Chimeran dropship and realizes that they must destroy it from the inside. Hale and Echo Squad commandeer a Chimeran aircraft and take it into the dropship. While inside, they use the ships trajectory system to find out that the dropship is heading to Twin Falls, Idaho. Echo Squad successfully plants explosive charges inside the bridge and fuel supply and escape as the dropship explodes. On their way to Twin Falls, the Squad is shot down and are forced to eject. Echo Squad make their way through Twin Falls and reactivate the the defensive towers which destroy the dropships looming over Twin Falls. Hale learns that Professor Malikov is trapped at his research station in Bryce Canyon due to a Chimeran attack. Hale, refusing his inhibitor treatment heads to Bryce Canyon to save Malikov.

Hale arrives at Station Genesis in Bryce Canyon and successfully retrieves Malikov. During their escape, Malikov explains that he created Daedalus during experiments in Project Abraham. Malikov tried to combine the DNA of Pure Chimera with the DNA of Humans. His early experiments took place in Russia where he created the Cloven. Malikov's tried to once again mix the DNA in a soldier called Jordan Shepherd. Shepherd's body did not react positively to the Chimeran DNA and it transformed his body. He also gained insight into the Chimeran's goals and origins.

Malikov, Echo Squad, and Hale then head to Chicago so they can deactivate a Chimeran Tower. When they finally reach the tower, Malikov deactivates it only to find out that Daedalus activated a Chimeran Tower in Iceland. The U.S. Forces launch an assault on Iceland in order to retake the tower but soon find out that it is a trap. Most of the forces are killed and Daedalus kills two members of Echo Squad, Warner and Hawthorne. Daedalus also stabs Hale in the stomach and leaves him to die. Capelli finds Hale and brings him back to safety. Hale is under a coma for several weeks as Malikov tries find a cure for the Chimeran virus which is taking over Hale's body. Hale wakes up in Louisiana and finds out that he has three hours left to live. The Chimera have swarmed the United States and Baton Rouge is the last US stronghold. Hale decides that he wants to destroy the Chimeran Fleet stationed of the Yucatan Peninsula. Hale and Capelli grab a hold of a nuclear warhead and with the help of Blake his squad, enter Daedalus's ship. Blake and his squad take the nuclear warhead to the ships reactor while Hale and Capelli hunt down Daedalus. Blake and his squad are killed and the Chimera try to drop the bomb out of their ship. Hale recovers the bomb and plants it. He then heads to Daedalus and defeats him. Upon touching Daedalus's dead body, his power and abilities are transferred into Hale giving him immense power. Hale uses his new telekinetic abilities to kill any Chimera in his path as he tries to get back to Capelli and escape the ship before the nuclear warhead explodes. They narrowly escape the destruction and make a crash landing. Capelli awakens in the cockpit and finds that Nathan is not their. He steps out of the ship to find that sky turned red and there is two enormous planet like objects in the sky. He makes his way to Hale who is looking up at the sight when he realizes that the virus has transformed Hale. Hale marvels at the Chimera when Capelli takes out his gun. He pays his respects to his commander and shoots him in the head.

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