Resistance: Retribution

Resistance Retribution
Box Art (tba)
DeveloperSony Bend
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
PlatformPlaystation Portable
Release DateQ2 2009 [NA]
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GenreThird Person Shooter

Sony's Bend Studios, makers of PSP games like Syphon Filter, now are bringing over the successful Resistance series to the Playstation Portable. Their game, Resistance Retribution, is a third person shooter revolving around the British forces trying to take back Europe from Chimeran control.

[edit] Plot

Resistance Retribution takes place between the events of Resistance Fall of Man and Resistance 2 between the dates of August 30, 1951 and September 6, 1951. Players take control over a British Royal Marine named James Grayson who holds a personal vendetta against the Chimera after they forced him to kill his own brother. After Britain is liberated, Grayson goes off to Europe and tries to destroy every Conversion Center that he can find. With the help of Captain Rachel Parker, Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright, and the French resistance called the Marquis Grayson helps launch Operation Overstrike. This Operation involves taking back Europe and destroying the Chimeran forces that occupy the continent.

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