The l209 LAARK from RFOM

This is the rocket of the game. It allows you to carry only two rockets at a time though, these charges though, are strong enough to take down nearly every Chimera with a single hit. Pressing the L1 trigger allows you to slow down your shot and redirect it. Holding R1 allows you to split the initial rocket into several smaller auto-targeting rockets.

This weapons is ideal for taking down tanks such as the Stalker and for enemies like the Angels

All Resistance Weapons
Air-Fuel Grenade, Arc Charger, Auger, Backlash Grenade, Bullseye, Frag Grenade, Grenades, Hedgehog Grenade, L11-2 Dragon, L209 LAARK, L23 Fareye, M5A2 Carbine, Reapers, Rossmore 236, Splitter, XR-003 Sapper, XR-005 Hailstorm, L206 LAARK
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