Hedgehog Grenade

The Hedgehog Grenade is an anti-personnel munition used by Hybrids. When the grenade lands, it "grows" spikes which shoot out with enough force to kill or pin nearby enemies. This weapon is great for clusters of enemies or to clear out a room before entering.

All Resistance Weapons
Air-Fuel Grenade, Arc Charger, Auger, Backlash Grenade, Bullseye, Frag Grenade, Grenades, Hedgehog Grenade, L11-2 Dragon, L209 LAARK, L23 Fareye, M5A2 Carbine, Reapers, Rossmore 236, Splitter, XR-003 Sapper, XR-005 Hailstorm, L206 LAARK
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