Crawlers are small creatures closing resembling beetles. These enemies attack in groups and through the mouth and/or nose of the victim and through a "sacrificial" process they inject a Chimeran virus into the victim and die off. This virus transforms the host into a Chimera creature. Crawlers are dispersed throughout the battle field via Spires, which fall out of the sky collide with the earth and open out, releasing thousands of crawlers.

These creatures are typically seen only in cut-scenes but in case you see a swarm of them outside of one, just drop a mine and watch them blow up.

All Resistance Enemies
Advanced Hybrids, Angels, Carriers, Cloven, Cocoons, Crawlers, Daedalus, Greyjacks, Hardfangs, Howlers, Hybrids, Leaper Pods, Leapers, Leonine Howlers, Menials, Rollers, Slipskulls, Steelheads, Titans, Widowmakers
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