Arc Charger

The RFOM Arc Charger

The Arc Charger is a Chimeran weapon that you use on the second play through of Resistance Fall of Man. The Arc Charger fires a blast of energy which becomes stronger as you fire off more shots. As the shots become stronger, it is possible to have the shots arc towards nearby enemies. Due to its increasing intensity, this weapon can be used on small bands of enemies, sometimes multiple enemies at once.

This is a great weapon to use, after being on the other side for so long, despite the slow recovery time.

All Resistance Weapons
Air-Fuel Grenade, Arc Charger, Auger, Backlash Grenade, Bullseye, Frag Grenade, Grenades, Hedgehog Grenade, L11-2 Dragon, L209 LAARK, L23 Fareye, M5A2 Carbine, Reapers, Rossmore 236, Splitter, XR-003 Sapper, XR-005 Hailstorm, L206 LAARK

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