Angels are the most advanced of the Chimeran strains. The Angel is one of the larger Chimera and it's distinct ability to fly make it a somewhat difficult target to take down. These guys are usually found around strongholds and when they attack it is with a smoke bomb, of sorts, similar to the Air-Fuel Grenade which emits a green gas and causes continuous damage to Nathan Hale as he stands in it.

By using the Rossmore 236 to take them down you gain the "What would Hale do?" skill point as well as some nice bragging rights.

All Resistance Enemies
Advanced Hybrids, Angels, Carriers, Cloven, Cocoons, Crawlers, Daedalus, Greyjacks, Hardfangs, Howlers, Hybrids, Leaper Pods, Leapers, Leonine Howlers, Menials, Rollers, Slipskulls, Steelheads, Titans, Widowmakers

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